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Blockchain Applications and Use Cases in Health Information Technology

Journal of Health and Medical Informatics  Vol 8:3. By David Randall, Ph.D., Pradeep Goel, and Ramzi Abujamra, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: Blockchain technology and the associated cryptocurrencies have the ability to transform industries including healthcare. We suggest the decentralized and programmable nature of blockchain applications can be used to change health information technology to gain greater efficiency […]

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The Potential Savings of using Predictive Analytics to Staunch Medicaid Fraud

Journal of Health and Medical Economics.  S Parente, S Oberlin, L Tomai and D Randall ABSTRACT: Health care fraud is a major policy concern. In this paper, we report the results of applying fraud and abuse analytical detection technology with a predictive algorithm to identify and extrapolate the extent of Medicaid fraud and abuse in […]

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Major Employers Decry Sutter Health’s Tactics In Dispute Over Prices

Sutter Health, long accused of abusing its market power in California, is squaring off against major U.S. employers in a closely watched legal fight over health care competition and high prices….MORE

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Donald Trump’s Health Care Ideas Bewilder Republican Experts

Donald J. Trump calls for “a full repeal of Obamacare” but says that “everybody’s got to be covered.” Initially, he liked “the mandate,” a central feature of the Affordable Care Act that requires most Americans to have insurance or pay a penalty, but he backed off that position under fire from conservatives….MORE  

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Arkansas lawmakers advance hybrid Medicaid expansion

Gov. Asa Hutchinson called the debate over Arkansas’ hybrid Medicaid expansion a “watershed” moment on Wednesday, as lawmakers advanced his plan to keep and rework the program that provides subsidized health coverage to more than 250,000 people….MORE  

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Watchdog: Security flaws plague state ObamaCare exchanges

A federal watchdog has found security flaws in state-run ObamaCare exchanges in California, Kentucky and Vermont, potentially putting millions of customers’ data at risk.  The GAO’s investigation was released in March, but without naming the states. That information was reported Thursday by the Associated Press, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request….MORE

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Final Medicare Advantage rate policies a mixed bag for insurers

Did the Obama administration indulge health insurance companies with friendly changes to Medicare Advantage rate policies for 2017? Or did CMS officials stick to their guns on proposals the industry aggressively lobbied to kill? Experts say it was a little of both..MORE

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Tens of thousands of Ohioans could lose Medicaid coverage under fee proposal

Gov. John Kasich’s administration projects tens of thousands of poor Ohioans will lose Medicaid coverage while taxpayers save nearly $1 billion under a plan to charge new fees for the government health coverage and impose penalties on those who miss payments….MORE

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Medicaid Expansion in Texas: What’s at Stake?

Clearly, there is a great need for expanded health care coverage and access in Texas. In our survey, we found that more than half of low-income Texans had at least one chronic medical problem. Yet nearly one-third had put off necessary medical care in the past year because they could not afford it, and only […]

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Insulin’s Surging Price Turns Diabetes Staple Into Luxury Good

Patients with diabetes are constantly being offered the technological equivalent of the latest smartphone. Trouble is, many can only afford a basic handset….MORE  

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